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Why Infographics?

Infographic resumes seem to be becoming a more popular trend, though until recently I had little idea of their existence.  It wasn’t until I ran across this image on another designer’s website that I even began to think of resumes as visual.

So I should give credit to Gavin Worth for sparking the idea within me of trying to represent myself more visually.  Still, it took some time for the idea to sink in, partially because I hadn’t yet decided to seek out a new job.

The Vitruvian Man of Design by Gavin Worth

The Vitruvian Man of Design by Gavin Worth

More recently, I’ve been looking to update my own resume, and was searching for how to differentiate myself, and more importantly express a bit more about my own design style and skills.  As an interaction designer, I began thinking of ways to create a more interactive resume.  I considered using everything including graphs, progressive disclosure, timelines, advanced skill searches, you name it.  But it wasn’t until I did a Google search on ‘infographic resumes’ that my mind opened to the possibilities of infographics.

Many reasons exist for why people choose infographics for resumes.

  • Infographic resumes are relatively unique and eye-catching, and can differentiate you.
  • Infographics can allow you to visually communicate a dense amount of information more quickly.
  • Visually represented data can be easier and more interesting to digest.
  • Information can be combined in new and often insightful ways.
  • And some say they are modern and hip and can show you get ‘media’.

Infographic resumes aren’t right for everyone.  Some HR people don’t like them.  And they may not be appropriate for some industries.  So my question to you would be: what would an infographic resume say about you?

The idea of an infographic resume spoke to me particularly for several reasons.  Interaction Design often includes the organization and architecting of information.  Here was a chance to demonstration some of my own skills, as both an interaction designer and as a visual designer.  To demonstrate skills such as an understanding of my target audience, researching different approaches, showing clean clear informative design.  I hope it will also allow me to express my creativity and a bit more about who I am, over your usually formal text resume.  And there is also a bit of a curiosity within me, if I can rise to the challenge of creating something that will in fact differentiate me and entice people to check out my website and portfolio.

Though we shall see, as I write this blog and share my own creation process, if the resume I finally create fulfills its function, to land me another job…


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