Just another design blog

Why a blog?

For me, this blog serves several purposes.

At the most basic level, it is a place for me to collection my thoughts throughout this design process. And I hope the act of collecting and organizing these ideas will help me refine my thinking and force me forwards toward my goal.

I also hope that this blog will also serve as a process log of sorts, chronically my journey and the steps forward (and backward) I take on this projects. Process plays an important role for me. Not only are many Design Thinking processes meant to help stimulate and explore design options and directions, but they ultimate serve the purpose of pushing you to a better result. I’m sure I’ll write more about process later. Recording this log is also a way for me to document and share my thought processes and workflow, which I believe says more about me than any final design or product.

Which in many ways leads to the third purpose of this blog. In sharing my ideas, experiments and methods, I can only hope that other people would be willing to share their insights and feedback on not only my work, but the broader field of infographics and design. Which ultimately will help me continue to learn and refine my resume (and craft) even further. And so in turn (or at once), others may to learn from any of this work, be inspired, or otherwise put these ramblings here to good use.

So I encourage you to post your comments and insights, and share your ideas regarding infographic resumes and design process, so that all who view here may learn…


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