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Where to start?

Process: Research

It has been said that I can over-research a subject prior to a project. Still, I consider research a very necessary part of my workflow. Especially, in this case, where I have not done infographics before, like so many other new project. I find it necessity to constantly adapt to new styles, learn a new paradigm, and simply stay up to date with advances in technology and trends. I myself start this though research.

I also value research as a quest for inspiration. I am not the type of visionary who can pull ideas and creativity out of thin air. I need to surround myself with the ideas of others. Quite simply, I need to create a fertile foundation for ideas to grow from. And this I often seek inspiration in the work of so many other designer far more experienced than me.

And often, for this reason, I find I proportionally weigh research heavily and spend a fair amount of time up from on it. I am constantly looking for that next bit of inspiration around the corner, or on the next page or web link. I spent a fair number of hours, until things started to seem the same, and new bits of information no longer easily present themselves.

So I thought I’d share some of what I’ve found. There are so many excellent examples of infographic resumes throughout the web. Below are simply a number of links that I found to be inspiring. Included are a list of the best articles I came across, collections of infographic, and individual resumes I thought were noteworthy.

If you find more, and wish to share them for everyone’s benefit, feel free to post below.

It was through this research my eyes truly began to open to the world of infographic possibilities. Ideas and inspirations for my own resume began to unfold.

Also important is not just what I’ve found, but what I did not. What I did not find were many examples of interactive infographic resumes. Which leads me to believe it is an area of design with great possibilities or potential. More on that soon to come…


Comments on: "Where to start?" (4)

  1. Hi and thanks for including my post in your summary. I think we are still struggling (as an industry) to see how something like an infographic will fit in to the hiring process. Thanks for collecting these resources, though. Helpful.

  2. A resource to add to your list is http://re.vu/ – it helps you create a killer infographic resume. Here’s a sample: http://re.vu/BarackObama

  3. Thanks for linking my resume!

    I have submitted my resume to a handful of employers and 100% of them remember me when I follow up. While a infographic resume may or may not help you land a job, a well designed resume will surely make you more memorable to potential employers.

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