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Who started re.vu?

After my last entry on tools and resources for non-designers, Mike Harding of re.vu dropped me a comment about defining your own career story. I hoped to address this very question in a future entry, but his comment lead to an gracious opportunity to interview someone who I would consider an expert in the field of infographic resumes. Mike is one of the co-founders of re.vu, a website and tool dedicated to helping people tell their own career stories using the visual resume paradigm.

Our interview was full of insights, fun facts, and useful data. Not only does Mike provide a wonder perspective, both as a hiring manager and startup co-founder, but also as someone who has researched the field extensively. In the interview, Mike covers:

  • his personal motives and interests
  • the genesis of re.vu
  • what drives their company and its direction
  • their audience and user research
  • advice on creating your own resume and story
  • and a great deal more…

The transcript of the full interview is after the link, with some minor touch-ups to make it easier to read. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments or questions for myself, or Mike.  In a future article, I plan to do a review of the re.vu site itself.



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